Self Defense Calling-The Awesome Cell Phone Stun Gun


With regards to safeguarding yourself there are a couple of things for you to be aware of before you have a hazardous, frightful experience.

Did you be aware?


–One out of four ladies will be physically attacked on a school grounds.


–One out of eight ladies will be assaulted while in school.


–84% of ladies who were assaulted knew their attacker.


–57% of assaults happen out on the town.


–75% of male understudies and 55% of female understudies engaged with date assault.


Ladies, especially school ladies, are entirely 6.5 Grendel ammo for sale to attack and assault. Date assault has become to a greater degree a danger as opposed to ladies need to concede. Ladies who need to stay under the radar but have a considered quality of self-assurance convey a new multi-reason gadget that acts fundamentally as an immobilizer yet seems to be a PDA.


Immobilizers were initially intended for a singular’s very own wellbeing. Consolidate that with the vibes of a PDA and you have a non-deadly self protection weapon that has the additional component of shock that could save your life.


PDA immobilizers are an electroshock weapon looking like a PDA that can be utilized successfully for self-protection immobilizing an attacker for as long as 5 minutes or more.


This unit likewise has a 100 db caution and a focused energy spotlight which alone could briefly dazzle an attacker. The immobilizer packs an astounding 800,000 volts enough to prevent the most forceful of aggressors. A wrist lash with a stop pin sets off the 100 db caution in the event that the unit is pulled out of your hands.


Remove the component of shock and reverse the situation with regards to self preservation.

This phone is so sensible looking that any degenerate would absolutely be amazed himself by this terrible force to be reckoned with. Self preservation is calling.


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