Do You Know What the Consequences of 3G Are?

Since 3G is a very new technology, it is easy to expect that there are some drawbacks as well. More and more developments are being conducted by various manufacturers worldwide; to better cater to the needs of consumers. You can take advantage by getting to know your gadgets and tools from the inside out. Here are some details on the possible consequences and if you should consider getting your own 3G mobile unit.

Some devices, particularly the I-Phone 3G, has hardware no instant messaging options or MMS. You then take out the advantage of sending and receiving photos via MMS. There is inadequate or missing expandable memory too. A number of devices may appear in a couple of variants, namely the 8 and 16 GB built-in memory.Chinese regulators are serious about a crypto ban this time | Financial Post

The non-detachable battery also is a disadvantage, since you have to put two and two together to get the needed energy. There are also limited service provider selections, so you do not get to pick your personal ISP. Instead it is taken and sold via a certain MSP Mobile Service Provider. The price of some 3G tools also may be very expensive for a number of individuals. You should learn how to compare your options on the internet and through local dealers.

Several network elements can be used again, starting from GPRS network. The included ones are HLR or home location register, VLR or visitor location register, EIR or equipment identity register, MSC or mobile switching centre which is vendor dependent, AUC or authentication centre, GGSN or gateway GPRS support node and SGSN which is vendor dependent or serving GPRS support node.

If you are starting from GSM or global service for mobile communication radio network, you cannot use some elements again, such as BSC or base station controller and BTS or base transceiver station. These can stay inside the network and be used in two network operations wherein 2G and 3G networks exist together. At this occasion the network migration and recent 3G terminals are also present for use within the network.

The UMTS network shows and introduces some recent network elements that work as specified by 3GPP, namely MGW or media gateway, base station or node B or RNC or radio network controller. The functions of SGSN and MSC will vary when going toward UMTS. In a GSM system, the MSG controls all the circuit switched operations such as linking A and B subscriber through the network. In UMTS, the MGW or media gateway is responsible for all types of data transferred in both the pack switched networks and the circuits. MSC and SGSN manage operations of MGW. The nodes will be named again to GSN and MSC servers.

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