Advantage of the health benefits of selenium.

The significance of trace minerals in your body cannot be overemphasized particularly when discussing the benefits of selenium. The immune system of your body must be able to function with the proper minerals and vitamins in order to function and all of them have their significance. Selenium is among the most important trace minerals that can help you should it be present in your system, or can cause disease and even death if it is not.

Selenium is present in virtually every cell in your body, including pancreas, kidneys and spleen. It is responsible for proper liver function. Similar to other essential minerals selenium acts as an antioxidant that eliminates free radicals that are circulating around your body as little destroyers. It is becoming more and more apparent that this super mineral is being related to its involvement in the fight against several human-related diseases and diseases.

Selenium’s major benefits include heart and cancer protection

Selenium’s role in protecting your heart is one of the most impressive. This mineral helps prevent the blood from adhering to the inner lining of your arteries, decreasing the possibility liposomal trace mineral selenium supplement of clotting, stroke, and heart attack. How’s that for a triple-threat? And, benefits of selenium include elevating levels of good cholesterol. This is an additional benefit in keeping your heart healthy.

Cancer has a natural foe in selenium. In the words of the Office of Dietary Supplements that selenium levels that are high in the blood lower the risk of several types of cancer, including the colorectal, prostate and lung. The antioxidant properties of selenium can prevent the development of cancerous cells and tumor cells. Selenium is an effective agent to increase levels of defense of our immune system studies have shown that the development of blood vessels, which aid in the growth of tumors, is stopped! Naturally, medical research is ongoing selenium tests to test against other types of cancer.

This essential mineral is important for overall health of the body, as well. For instance, it’s shown to help increase testosterone levels in men and combat arthritis. Its antioxidant qualities help to protect your body from the harmful effects of alcohol and other toxic substances. Similar to copper, it serves an important maintenance role in your hair and skin. Selenium supplements can help improve asthma symptoms and helps patients recover quicker from bronchitis and pneumonia.

Certain foods, supplementation may provide you with the advantages of selenium

If you are able to find food that was planted in soils that are rich in selenium, improve your diet with oatmeal, nuts, brown rice and leafy greens. But, the majority of foods that used to contain beneficial levels of selenium now don’t contain the levels they used to. The reason is that the soil in farms has been cultivated repeatedly, so that selenium levels have plummetted.

Therefore, you should continue eating the most healthy diet you can, but be aware that the majority of doctors recommend taking an selenium supplement to ensure that you maintain an adequate level of selenium. The prescribed selenium dosages are 55mcg a day for women and 70mcg a day for men. For cancer patients or patients with an increased risk of developing cancer, doctors suggest amounts of as high as 400mcg to enjoy the full benefits of selenium.

You can clearly see that selenium is a extremely trace mineral which aids your body in a variety of crucial ways. Selenium is a trace mineral that proves the old adage , that good things do come in small quantities. Your body must have selenium, so that if you’re not taking a multi-vitamin, chances are that you are not getting enough of this essential mineral. Get some selenium into your diet as quickly as you can so that you can begin taking advantage of the health benefits of selenium.

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